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Rumblings down on the farm. A stream-of-consciousness thing. I don't live on a farm. And I'm a chicken when it comes to spiders. Don't look for any kind of coherent theme here...
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These hang out on my shoulders, deciding my fate.

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Well thank you Mr. Lady with the alligator purse.
They’re probably bonded by some gemstone or something.
Because their hands look like cows.
Sofs, age 3

Today’s smoothie - ran out of bananas and spinach. This is just frozen tropical fruit and orange juice.

Hanging out with Roary’s paws while stuck at home sick.

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My favorite shirt right now.

But I’m a computer hacker, and a safe cracker, and a butt smacker…and I’ve got the equipment to trim your hedge.
Aoi Kyogoku after Tsukiko Saionji says “He doesn’t look like a weed whacker.” (Imadoki by Yu Watase)
Look! Your ass is sparkling!
Nipples McQueen to Moebius “ass clown” Dickus. Dungeon Siege III.
  • Em: we need to stop getting greeting cards.
  • Mark: yeah, they're a bitch, right?